Larry Krone, Multi-talented Marvel

A peek behind the mylar curtain

My friend, Larry Krone is a New York based multi-talented marvel. He is a remarkable fine artist, musician, craftsman, fashion designer, singer and truly cooks the most delicious pies. I was so excited when Larry said yes to joining us for a collaboration with Maker Shop. We offered up a selection of our vintage printed fabrics, embroidered samples, sequined panels, and plated hardware that were developed for our fashion collections in the 1990s but had not been put into production. Larry combined those pieces with his gigantic collection of pre-loved t-shirts from the last 50 years. He worked for over 3 months stitching and embroidering miles of seams to create this 22-piece collection of one-of-a kind garments. When we photographed the collection, I marveled at the phenomenon of Larry’s clothing and how it was able to fit a range of genders and body types.


Larry in his studio working on the Snakeskin Print Half Muscle Tee.


Larry and his husband Jim take a break from modeling for a tender photo with their dog, Dory.

We’re grateful Larry allowed us to photograph his fine art alongside his Maker Shop collection. The elaborate yarn hay bales from 2009-2011 and the life size Hobby Horse of Many Colors from 2004 are made to the actual scale of a bale of hay and a horse’s head and took many months to construct.


Yarn Hay Bales, 2009-2011


Skye Tyson modeling the Strawberry Shortcake Skirt and holding the Hobby Horse of Many Colors, 2004

The entirely embroidered Tree Stump is in the shape of a human heart. Larry’s embrace of extravagant effort and workmanship is further demonstrated in his electric mylar constructions, one of which we used as a backdrop for his Frankenstein t-shirt collection. The streaming mylar pieces are a feat of engineering, requiring the rejoining of 1/4” strips of mylar to create imagery while allowing the streamers to billow.

xo Todd Oldham


Skye Tyson modeling the Bieber T-Shirt Dress alongside the hand embroidered human heart stump


Forever and Ever 2001/2009 Mylar, tape 8 x 18’

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