Sequin Stripe Leggings

"Walk into just about any designer’s studio and you’ll be sure to find swatch cards lying around. Swatch cards are essentially a menu of material samples one may use to specify when working on a project. There are swatch books for almost anything; paint, tiles, pom poms and ceramic glazes. One of my favorites swatch cards on hand is a dazzling 12 page book of sequins samples. The book includes an overwhelming spectrum of colors, opacities, finishes and shapes. For our new swatch print, we scanned over 100 hi-res sequin strands and used them to design this non-repeating color stripe extravaganza!" - Todd

  • high waisted
  • available in 4 sizes




73% polyester

27% spandex


Small — waist 25 to 29 inches

Medium — waist 27 to 31 inches

Large — waist 29 to 33 inches

Extra large — waist 32 to 36 inches


machine wash cold

do not tumble dry