Rosie the Riveter Patchwork Tee

It’s a fact that all of us at Todd Oldham Maker Shop are proud, devout feminists! We are also superfans and friends of the incomparable singer/actor/comedian/writer Bridget Everett, currently starring in and executive producing HBO’s Somebody Somewhere. The Rosie the Riveter Patchwork Tee brings these passions together through craft and concept. For this special shirt, Larry combined repurposed scraps of t-shirts—the empowering image of Rosie the Riveter front and center—with remnants from fabrics used to make some of Bridget’s most iconic House of Larréon gowns: The Chardonnay Shocker, Executive Sweet, Striped Titty Bottoms (Larréon Casuals collection), The Pussy Dress, Here Comes the Brides, and Bottle Service.

Larry meticulously pieced the irregularly shaped patches together on the machine and then lovingly feather stitched every seam by hand using multi-colored embroidery floss. The sleeves and ribbed crew neck collar are attached by hand using Larry’s patented decorative and functional double reverse integrated blanket stitch, and the raw edges on the sleeves and shirt bottom are finished with the regular kind of blanket stitch. Because it seemed too plain, Larry then added a sparse smattering of clear Swarovski crystal rhinestones for that extra touch of class.

Edition of 1.

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Patchwork of cotton and synthetic textiles


Chest — 48 inches

Length — 24 inches


Dry clean only