The Hallucination Crochet Scarf

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My passion for fiber arts started early. I learned to knit around 9 years old when my sister and I asked my very patient Australian neighbor, Mrs. Ramsey to teach us. In the 1990s my factory hand dyed thousands of yards of space-dyed wool yarn that we knitted into cardigan sweaters, dresses, and bras because who doesn’t need a thick wool sweater bra? My passion was reignited during quarantine when I discovered the YouTube channel Naztazia ( ) starring crochet magician, Donna Wolfe. Her brief, precise instruction mixed with clear camera work demystified crochet basics to over-the-top advanced techniques. Donna also paints her nails to coordinate with her projects which is always a good idea. Her tutorials set my brain on fire, so I got to work space-dyeing recycled wool roving yarn and made crocheted scarfs using ALL of her techniques. Thank you Donna! - Todd

  • One of a kind
  • Hand crocheted by Todd Oldham
  • 100% recycled wool roving yarn
  • Hand space-dyed yarn
  • 64 inches long. Width varies



  • 100% recycled wool roving yarn
  • 64 inches long. Width varies

Dry clean only