Funky Donnie Fritts Peek-A-Boo Tee

Why settle for a humdrum cropped muscle tee with ONE crew neck when you can have THREE! Ever the innovator of the unnecessary, Larry Krone has answered the question of “what won’t they think of next!” The bottom line is this shirt is remarkably wearable and flatteringly adaptable to all genders and most body types!

Larry cut big holes in this repurposed Funky Donnie Fritts T-shirt and then lined the cut-outs with repurposed ribbed crew necks salvaged from the remains of his Flashdance-inspired neckline treatments. Using multi-colored embroidery floss, Larry then lovingly hand-stitched the crew necks into place using his patented decorative and functional double reverse integrated blanket stitch. These couture cut-outs are placed in a vertical parade that goes up the front, over the head, and down the back of the shirt.

For the beautifully bodacious among us, the cut-outs expose one’s cleavage/chest, lovely head/face, and center of their upper back—in that order! Those who are powerfully petite will find the cut-outs expose the wearer’s belly button, cleavage/chest, and lovely head/face and in that order! Have fun layering or just letting it all hang out!

Wait, you say you don’t care for Donnie Fritts or musicians in general? It doesn’t matter, because most people won’t be able to read the logo anyway: your exposed body will be stealing the show!

Edition of 1.

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100% prewashed cotton knit


Chest — 42 inches

Length — 26.5 inches


Hand wash, lay flat to dry