Dolly Tan Vilsothi Tee

Dr. Larréonstein’s Monster Tees come from deep in the subterranean House of Larréon laboratories. In defiance of the torch-wielding mobs of fundamentalist t-shirt purists accusing our laboratory assistants of creating abominations in the face of merch stands everywhere, our scientists have culled specimens of tour shirts and novelty tees from around the country, cut them up, and sewn them back together in nightmarish combinations that are as horrifying to the eye as they are disturbing to the soul!

Do you care for the music and personalities of Dolly Parton, Ann Wilson and Tom Petty? It doesn’t matter! In the hands of Dr. Larréonstein, their visages and graphics have been hacked to bits, mixed up and re-stitched together to create one new, beautiful monster in the form of a sexy tee.

This shirt is unique and handmade in the atélier, so please take a close look at the photos, check out the measurements listed below, and compare those with other t-shirts you have at home that fit you well!

Edition of 1.




100% cotton knit


Chest — 42 inches

Length — 26 inches


Hand wash